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    Team Video: watch us over

    The AUV is a first design and competition effort of Team BangaloreRobotics.
    The Design was evaluated mainly for Three major parameters:
    1. Small dimension
    2. Redundant Analysis and Control system
    3. Light weight
    The emphasis was in Low Power consumption and energy efficiency.
    A lighter AUV needs a low power budget.
    The Mission time of useful deployment is comparatively longer.
    An attempt was made to construct a lighter AUV.
    Limited time and budget constraints have limited the number of innovative ideas to a lower number than was desired.
    A major part of the Design was the Mechanical and structural variations.
    The Team is thankful To AUVSI Foundation and ONR for providing this opportunity to be a part of the ROBOSUB competition 2013.
    - Mentor
    - Team Captain