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LASSIE IV was developed in 2016 at the Bangalore Robotics center for the Robosub 2016.

  • The Dome hull incorporates a novel inflated Butyl tube gasket.
  • The emphasis was multiple vehicles that can facilitate autonomy and enhance mission capabilities.
  • The light weight of the designs need low power budget.
  • The mission time of useful deployment is comparatively longer.
  • Limited budget and time constraints have limited the number of innovative ideas to a lower number than desired.
  • A major part of the Design was the Mechanical and structural Variations.
  • The innovative Butyl Rubber cycle tube performs quite well.
  • The modified multicopter BLDC motors are successful and have not failed till now.

Mainly evaluated for:

  1. Small dimension
  2. Redundant Analysis and Control system
  3. Light weight


  • The design’s central feature of both the AUV is the dome shaped hull, a new design concept compared to the more conventional underwater AUV designs.
  • The Hull also acts as the frame of the AUV which reduces added complexity of building the frame around the Hull.
  • The design is made to reduce the dimensions to a minimum so that the overall weight is reduced and contributes vastly to the agility of the AUV.
  • The design has been made so that the AUVs are inherently stable.
  • The Master and the Slave are provided with pixhawk/ Aeroquad using arduino mega.
  • The sensor use to gauge depth is the MPX 4250DP (Motorola Pressure Sensor) where the readings have been calibrated to provide the depth readings.
  • The compass provided for the IMUs should be sufficient to provide the compass bearing of the vehicles.
  • The vehicles are provided with cameras, one at the front and one at bottom. Both the cameras contribute to image processing.
  • A 3rd Camera was added this year to detect color alone and to assist the Manipulator mechanisms.
  • The vehicles use a four motor configuration for movement.

The Team is thankful to AUVSI Foundation and ONR for providing this opportunity to be a part of the ROBOSUB competition 2016.

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